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6degrees_of_sep's Journal

six degrees of seperation.
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when i ever get on to it, ill start advertising this and make everything pretty. i just felt the need to create it right now

im erin, your mod. i like movies

ok, so a basic gist of it.

2 names will be put down. like, erm... colin firth and um... billy crystal (those were off the top of my head)
these 2 names can, somehow be connected in 6 degrees of movies.
so, the answer is,
colin firth was in bridget jones with renee zelwegger who was in chicago with catherine zita jones who was in america's sweethearts with Blilly Crystal
thats 3.
you have up to 6 to use

any two that pop into your head, someone can probably do it. i pick names randomly, so i dont have definate answers. and i like playing the game too, so if other people want to post a challenge, go for it!

feel free to post, comment, whatever