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some new puzzles

OK guys, here's some from movies I've recently reviewed in too_many_movies

Luke Wilson <---> Brian Cox

Tim Blake Nelson <---> John Leguizamo

Patrick Dempsey <---> Anne Hathaway

George MacKay <---> Kirstie Alley

Natalie Portman <---> Will Ferrell

Mark Wahlberg <---> Samuel L Jackson

Justin Long <---> Steve Carrell
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Justin Long >>> DODGEBALL >>> Vince Vaughn >>> OLD SCHOOL >>> Will Ferrell >>> ANCHORMAN >>> Steve Carrell
Justin Long - The Break Up - Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston - Friends With Money - Catherine Keener
Catherine Keener - 40 Year Old Virgin - Steve Carrell
Tim Blake Nelson -The Thin Red Line - Woody Harrelson - White Men Can't Jump - Wesley Snipes - To Wong Foo: Thanks for everything, Julie Nemar - John Leguizamo