Mata (matazone) wrote in 6degrees_of_sep,

A different game

Hiya! This is a bit off-topic so I'll keep it short, but I think it might appeal...

I've made a website where people can upload simplified/stickpeople versions of film/TV posters and famous scenes, then other people have to guess what the name is from the picture. At time of writing there's over 200 puzzles on there, and it's growing every day:

Please come along and play, alternatively the arty among you might want to make some new pictures! To do that you need to create a member account using the 'join' link. You can then see the 'submit puzzle' page, which has links to to check details and a link that allows you to see a list of all the films made so far. You can make a duplicate of a film that's already been done, but please make it of a different image!

Thanks for reading this! I hope to see some of you making new puzzle pictures!
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that was pretty damn fun. Thanks for posting the link!
No problem. New puzzles go online pretty much every day, and I've also now start which is based around jokes and visual puzzles, so you might like to check that out too!

'Glad you like it, please pass it on to your friends!