nigelakaalex (nigelakaalex) wrote in 6degrees_of_sep,

Here's One from a Newbie

Kevin Smith ---> Christopher Walken
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three moves
Kevin Smith was in Jay and Silent Bob Strike back w/Sean William Scott who was in The Rundown w/Christopher Walken
I've got an edit, but since someone's already commented, I'll just put it here. Two moves. Kevin Smith was in Daredevil with Jennifer Garner, who was in Catch me if you can with ta da... Christopher Walken.
not that i can do it in less moves, but i'm a dork and wanna throw mine in: kevin smith in chasing amy with ben affleck in 200 cigarettes with christina ricci in sleepy hollow with christopher.
Kevin in Dogma with Alan Rickman
Alan in Harry Potter (Pick your favourite) with Richard Griffiths
Richard in Sleepy Hollow with Christopher Walken