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my community will not die!!!

ok, i grabbed a dozen movies off my shelves and picked an actor from each.

I really loved the idea of this community and i hate to see it die. so c'mon, lets see what you've got?!

Mary Stuart Masterson <~~~~> Eva Mendes X in 5 & X in 2

Miranda Richardson <~~~~~~> Sean Patrick Thomas X in 2

John Turturro <~~~~~~~~~> Ray Liotta X in 3

Andy Dick <~~~~~~~> Dakota Fanning X in 3

Michelle Trachtenberg <~~~~~~~> Tim Curry X in 6

Jim Carrey <~~~~~~~~~> River Phoenix X in 5

Sam Rockwell <~~~~~~~~~> Halle Berry X in 5

Heath Ledger <~~~~~~> Candace Bergen X in 5

Alison Lohman <~~~~~~~> Debra Messing

Gerard Butler <~~~~~~~> Antonio Banderas X in 6


I'll try to keep track on here of which ones have been done and in how many. Feel free to submit another answer to those, though. Just cuz one person got it in 3 doesnt mean your way in 6 is any less valuable!! ::/edit::
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